Z-Man Boar Hogz 5pk

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Designed with a ribbed body, tapered legs, and textured appendages, the Z Man Boar Hogz offer an extremely versatile creature bait profile and a wild presentation that big bass will annihilate. Ideal for pitching, flipping, casting, Carolina-rigging, punching, using as a jig trailer, wobble head trailer, and on the back of a football jig, the Z Man Boar Hogz offer a near-limitless number of rigging options.

Providing all of the great qualities of ElaZtech, the Z Man Boar Hogz are incredibly durable and equally buoyant, so the bait rises off of the bottom when at rest. Available in a host of proven bass colors, the Z Man Boar Hogz deliver unparalleled versatility with the action to match.

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