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BioSpawn ExoSwim Swimbait

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ioSpawn spent countless hours developing the BioSpawn ExoSwim Swimbait. The result is a 4” swimbait with a perfect action at any speed. Built with a jointed ExoSkeleton for better action, the ExoSwim Swimbait displaces a generous amount of water and its large paddle tail produces a lifelike baitfish action that is second-to-none. It can be fished on countless applications. Deadly on a jighead or weighted swimbait hook, it can also be used as a trailer for a spinnerbait or swim jig. Infused with BioScent for an additional level of attraction, the BioSpawn ExoSwim Swimbait is available in a wide range of natural baitfish-inspired color patterns that will get you more bites. 

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4" 6