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13 Fishing Wicked Ice Fishing Rod

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Wicked Ice Rod combines high end materials to create a premium quality ice rod. Featuring solid Toray blanks and ALPS thin wire guides, these rods are sure to feel every bite. It is outfitted with an Evolve traction control grip reel seat with a white, soft-touch finish.

Key Features

  • Solid Toray Graphite Blank
  • ALPS Thin Wire Guides
  • Evolve Reel Seat with a Soft Touch Finish
Model Number Rod Length Power
NW24UL 24" Ultra Light
NW25L 25" Light
NW25M 25" Medium
NW26ML 26" Medium Light
NW27UL 27" Ultra Light
NW28M 28" Medium
NW31MH 27" Medium Heavy